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Vigilance 2099 is an open-world single-player action-RPG video game where you'll play as a bounty hunter in a dense, cyberpunk city. Earn money and customize your gear, explore the city with your vehicle by air or ground, or opt to traverse on foot.

Enter this futuristic, cyberpunk city, known to the locals at 'Prey City', and explore the open world via your own means. Whether by taking your vehicle through the air or onto the rainy city streets, or by jumping out and hitting the dark alleys on foot. Earn money by capturing or killing bounties and spend it on upgrading your gear, or go and make a deal with a mega corporation. This action-RPG lets you, an ex- fed, climb from the bottom of crime ridden city, through the criminal ladder and to the top.
Vigilance 2099 approached us to design their website.


Content creation. Social media strategy. Promovideos

Vigilance 2099 gave us full control of creativity only asking that we make sure to capture the cyberpunk feel and bring the game and its characters to life.

Our team designed both the Web UI design and the mobile responsive.


Content creation. Social media strategy. Promovideos

Our team experimented with hues of red, blue and purple to really capture the cyberpunk feel. We wanted the website to be eye-catching and immersive through visuals allowing the viewer to toggle between 2D and 3D character previews. You can also rotate or zoom in and out.

We also added a music player which will allow viewers to switch between different custom songs similar to interacting with a radio station.
Scrolling to the bottom we added videos that showcase gameplay.

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