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A lot of fruits are being wasted on peak seasons and farmers don’t have the logistics to sell their products due to low access to markets. Vtamu with the complex challenge to move perishable goods from one country to another wanted to bridge the gap.

In order to extend shelf life and show the world what the farmers can offer, drying the products made more sense giving farmers access to overseas markets. Vtamu approached us to create packaging for their dried fruit range.


Branding. Package Design

Their brief was short and simple; make it African inspired and keep it fun! Our team had to design both stand up pouches and back seal pouches with the aim of keeping the branding fun, vibrant and still cultural. We also designed interchangeable boxes that can be multi purposeful.

the boxes can be displayed in shops when lifted or they be used as branded boxes when shipping in large quantities or bulk. The fruits featured are Baobab sweets, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya and Banana.


Branding. Package Design

We focused on infusing tropical colours and showcasing the fruits to bring vibrance and a jungle feel to the packages. We designed multiple options experimenting with font style, colours and artwork.
Each packet featured the respective fruits showing them both whole and sliced floating with leaves to bring the cultural exotic feel to life!

In order to expose Vtamu’s products we also built a box design which could display the products on tills. The box display could also serve as a mini marketing campaign bringing exposure to the brand.

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